What you have here are my other links, a few interesting things that I've found on the web.


If you're looking for my professional links, click on Mobile Opportunity. What you have here are my other links, a few interesting things that I've found on the web. There's no common theme to these sites, other than my desire to point them out.

Great Ideas

Interesting businesses you can visit on the web.

The world's most luxurious dog kennel
I've never been there, but what a concept. For $15 extra a night, they'll even sleep next to your dog (seriously).

Design your own Jack Purcells
Classic footwear, now built to order. An outstanding use of the Web, and a great way to add value to what is basically the world's simplest tennis shoe.

Fun Sites

The website of Chris and Cherie, the Technomads. They're high tech consultants who have made themselves into permanent nomads. They travel the country full time in a highly-instrumented trailer, connecting to the world via wireless. On this site they narrate a lifestyle that is at the same time completely unplugged and completely plugged in.

California Coastline
Aerial photography of the entire California coast, strung together so you can move up and down the coast. You can even view changes over time. A great five-minute vacation on a tiring day.

Palm Powered Expert Guides
With a group of about 50 volunteers, we created a guide to the richness and whimsy that was the Palm OS applications base. Years before iPhone and the App Store, these developers showed how powerful mobile apps could be. The directory today is mostly of historical interest, but it's still a great example of how much volunteers can do to support a platform.

Pictures from Mars
NASA posts all the photos from its Mars rovers almost as soon as they come in, but they're grayscale and fairly hard to work with. This is the Flickr site of an enthusiast who's stitching the photos together into panoramas, and doing his best to colorize them properly. It's a fun place to browse around (if you're into pictures of red sand and gray rocks).

Useful Resources

Here are a couple of great consultants I've worked with. I strongly endorse their work.

Beam Inc.
Dan and Meredith Beam, the principals, are extremely bright and helpful consultants. They combine thinking about issues with insight about human beings better than anyone else I've ever worked with. They are my first choice when I need to figure out how to get an organization on the same page about both what to do and how to work together.

Fitch Associates
I knew the principal, Tobey Fitch, when he was a senior manager in Apple Computer's employee training organization. But it would be a big understatement to call Tobey a trainer -- he's an outstanding facilitator, executive coach, and just great thinker regarding business and people. He also has a wicked sense of humor.

Cool Weblog Software

An awesome little tool for working with colors when planning a website. It lets you find the HTML code for any color on your screen, and also makes it easy to look up "web safe" colors.

The tool I use for my blogging. Speaking as a newbie, I have been very impressed by (and grateful for) the completeness of its documentation, which is unusual for a freeware product.


Mike Rohde
Mike runs a graphic arts firm. He designed these pages. He does beautiful work. He's also a handheld computing guy and posts interesting commentary in his weblog.

Michael T. Ashby
Michael runs an IT, web, and mobile computing consulting firm. He programmed these pages, doing great work on short notice. You can visit his weblog here.

And Also…

Interactive earthquake shaking map
If you live in the Bay Area, this interactive map system is a great way to scare yourself. Pick a fault and then zoom in on the map to see how badly it would shake your house.

Clear air turbulence forecast
So you have a flight scheduled and want to know when it'll be bumpy? This is the place to look. I've found it to be surprisingly accurate.